Bamboo Toothbrush Cloud White

Bamboo Toothbrush Cloud White


A beautifully designed bamboo toothbrush, by Truthbrush, featuring a rounded ergonomic handle crafted from sustainable, organic and FSC certified bamboo.

Each Truthbrush is dipped in either cloud white or storm grey paint, which has been tested according to REACH legislation. Hand wrapped in tissue paper and a recyclable cardboard pillow pack.

Handle - made from naturally antibacterial and antifungal Moso bamboo sourced from an FSC managed sustainable forest in China, and organically grown.

Bristles - ‘medium’ and made from 62% castor oil/38% nylon (see below for more info).

To dispose of your toothbrush, you can either place in your ordinary bin where all but the bristles will biodegrade, or remove the bristles and compost or reuse the handle - as a plant marker or paint stirrer, for example.

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Devon, UK

Truthbrush was born out of a love for design and an eco friendly sensibility. Designers Catherine and Catherine believe that sustainbly produced produts can also look beautiful in your home. Their toothbrushes are produced in China - the natural habitat of bamboo - from ethically sourced, suatainable bamboo, which is also FSC certified. Aware of their carbon footprint, the brand carbon offset the shipping from China to the UK, and to their stockists.

The bristles used in Truthbrush toothbrushes are made from 62% castor oil (plant-based) and 38% Nylon 6 (not biodegradable) as the only other commercially viable alternative would be boar hair - which woud be unsuitable for many lifestyles. However the amount of plastic waste saved from using these toothbrushes is highly significant.