Solid Brass Star Ornament Card

Solid Brass Star Ornament Card


Christmas card by Ola, with a solid brass star decoration, made and hand-finished in the UK. Designed to be kept, displayed and treasured year after year. Perfect to give a long lasting and memorable gift. Comes with linen thread for hanging ornament. Foiled star print under ornament – so when the ornament is removed to use, the star design remains.

Brass foil print on navy, with off white envelope.

A6 / Blank inside / FSC certified paper, biodegradable cellophane sleeve

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Bristol, UK

Ola is a brand of traditionally crafted stationer, featuring original prints by Katy Goutefangea. Each item is a quiet celebration of pattern, influenced by architecture, abstract geometry and artists such as Sol LeWitt and Anni Albers. The prints are gradually drafted on paper, handprinted in their workshop to test and refine then handed over to the makers.

Firmly rooted in quality and tradition Ola products are crafted in small quantities by local manufacturers; made with patience and dedication to detail. Favouring age-old processes such as stitching in place of gluing, inks laid with a roller instead of digitally; each piece has a distinct charm and character that can only come from traditional craftsmanship.