Cedarwood Rings

Cedarwood Rings


Rings of Red Cedarwood, to refresh your closet and work as a natural pest repellent. The rings can be spread out in the closet, or fit perfectly on the top of a hanger. When the scent wears off you can sand lightly with fine sandpaper. Do not put directly onto clothing, as some transfer of oils may occur.

4.5cm diameter / Cotton pouch / Pack of 10

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Iris Hantverk


Iris Hantverk is a small Swedish business, specialising in traditional craftsmanship. The core of the business is brush binding manufacturing at Sandsborgsvägen, Enskede – here 6 visually impaired craftsmen from different cultures make brushes according to an old Swedish tradition. They also work with visually impaired craftsmen in Estonia.

All Iris Hantverk products are functional, well-designed and made with quality in mind.