Denim Wash

Denim Wash


Many people don’t realise that denim jeans should not be washed often, if at all. Denim Wash, by Manchester-based Attire Care, offers a diverse way of cleaning and conditioning your beloved denim pieces.

Formulated with no harsh chemicals and designed specifically not to eat away at cotton fibres, keeping your denim looking newer for longer. Can be used in the washing machine, however hand-washing is recommended.

Attire Care products are designed to prolong the life of clothing and footwear, with the promise of innovative products that can be used to help reduce the amount of wasted clothing and footwear going to landfills each year. The UK alone is on it’s way to sending 300,000 tonnes of clothing to landfill this year. The brand hopes that by educating on how to look after garments and footwear correctly, that they will last longer and therefore reduce the need to re-buy and replace.

250ml / Recyclable bottle / Made in the UK 

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Attire Care

Manchester, UK

We're really excited to be one of the first stockists of Attire Care - a great new Manchester-based brand.

Seb and Abi are the couple behind the beautifully packaged and carefully considered range of shoe and garment care essentials. Whilst living in Amsterdam, they developed their vision for the brand inspired by the architecture, products and general attitude to design in the city. All of their products are made here in the UK, with the intention of helping you to prolong the quality of your favourite things whilst also looking great in the home.