Far Far Away Artisan Chocolate Bar

Far Far Away Artisan Chocolate Bar


Inspired by far flung travels, Far, Far Away is a dark chocolate bar with roasted coconut and a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt, by Creighton's Chocolaterie. It tastes indulgent, tropical and emulates dreamy vibes from the very first bite.

Wrapper design in collaboration with Lisa Todd. Lisa is an interior designer who grew up in South Africa, providing her with the perfect tropical canvas to develop a vibrant decorative style.

100g bar, made in the UK.

Vegetarian & vegan / May contain nut traces / Allergens: soya 

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Creighton's Chocolaterie

Bedfordshire, UK

Mother and Daughter team, Andrea Huntington and Lucy Elliott, began on a journey in 2010 with just the learned knowledge of an Italian confectioner, a marble slab and a handful of chocolate molds.

Named after their Great Granny Creighton, together they opened a chocolaterie in the small town of Leighton Buzzard in Spring 2011. The aim was to create a design-led chocolate brand, whilst also keeping the exclusivity of a handmade, artisan product.