Linen Eye Pillow

Linen Eye Pillow


A natural hot and cold pack, by British brand Blasta Henriet, made from 100% natural linen, for yoga practice and all over body application. Designed to block out unwanted light and soothe tired eyes, the eye Pillow will help deepen your relaxation and aid sleep.

Comes unscented in plastic-free packaging, with clear instructions and suggested areas of use. Add your own scent using essential oils, as desired.

23cm x 12cm / Made in the UK

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Blästa Henriët

London, UK

Lo Blästa Henriët, has a background in textile design and print and grew up in Sweden with artistic parents and many siblings.sheo draws inspiration from her Swedish upbringing and the natural remedies of her childhood and founded her small brand in 2017.

With a focus on sustainable production and mindful of the environment, Lo creates useful and beautiful objects from natural materials.